Outstanding Contribution Awardees

The Outstanding Contribution Award is presented to CSAB volunteers with at least three years of sustained service who have made a significant positive impact on CSAB operations, computing accreditation, or computing education. Send nominations with proposed citations to CSAB Awards Committee Chair Stephen Seidman at seidman@txstate.edu.

Keith Barker - University of Connecticut
Bruce H. Barnes - National Science Foundation
David A. Cook - Draper Laboratory
Roger Elliott - Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
David L. Feinstein - University of South Alabama
Ben M. Huey - Arizona State University
John Impagliazzo - Hofstra University
Lawrence G. Jones - Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University*
David R. Kelly - Bluefin Robotics
Patrick M. LaMalva - CSAB Executive Director Emeritus
Arthur L. Price - Avaya, retired
Barbara A. Price - Georgia Southern University
Kay G. Schulze - United States Naval Academy
Charles Slivinsky - University of Missouri
Judith Lopez Solano - University of North Florida
Elizabeth A. Unger - Kansas State University
Frank H. Young - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

* indicates the award was received twice.