CSAB Fellows

The CSAB Fellow Award is given in recognition of individuals who have given sustained, quality service to the computing profession and to computing education through the activities of CSAB. Please review the Fellows Nomination Guide page for further information.

Gordon L. Bailes - East Tennessee State University
Keith Barker - University of Connecticut
Henry Bauer - University of Wyoming
Della T. Bonnette - University of Louisiana
Taylor I. Booth - University of Connecticut
J. Thomas Cain - University of Pittsburgh
Robert L. Cannon - University of South Carolina
Susan E. Conry - Clarkson University
David Cordes - University of Alabama
Neal S. Coulter - University of North Florida
Gerald L. Engel - University of Connecticut
Harold Grossman - Clemson University
Lawrence G. Jones - Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
John Impagliazzo - Independent Consultant/Hofstra University
David P. Kelly - Bluefin Robotics
Willis K. King - University of Houston
Patrick M. LaMalva - CSAB, Inc.
Jim Leone - Rochester Institute of Technology
Doris K. Lidtke - Towson State University
Ming T. Liu - Ohio State University
Lois Mansfield - Raytheon
Kenneth E. Martin - University of North Florida
Raymond E. Miller - University of Maryland
Allen Parrish - University of Alabama
Andrew Phillips - United States Naval Academy
Arthur L. Price - ABET, Inc.
Barbara Price - Georgia Southern University
William E. Richardson - CSAB, Inc.
Kay G. Schulze - United States Naval Academy
Stephen Seidman - Texas State University
Charles Slivinsky - University of Missouri-Columbia
Edward Sobiesk - United States Military Academy
Stan Thomas - Wake Forrest University
A. Joe Turner - Clemson University
Elizabeth Unger - Kansas State University
Murali R. Varanasi - University of North Texas, Denton
Patrick J. Walsh - IBM (retired)
Mary Jane Willshire-Fairley - Regis University
John Werth - University of Texas at Austin
John White - Association for Computing Machinery
Gayle Yaverbaum - Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg
Frank Young - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Stuart H. Zweben - Ohio State University