2017-18 CSAB Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Allen Parrish - Elected Vice President and Acting President (IEEE-CS) - Mississippi State University
Mary Jane Willshire-Fairley - Secretary/Treasurer (IEEE-CS) - Regis University
Pearl Y. Wang - Past President - George Mason University
Jim Leone - Voting Member (ACM) - Rochester Institute of Technology
Elizabeth M. Glazer - Executive Director and Assistant Secretary of the Corporation, ex officio

Representative Directors
Ron Doyle (ACM) - CA Technologies
Sandra Gorka (ACM) - Pennsylvania College of Technology
Paul Leidig (ACM) - Grand Valley State University
Mark Sebern (IEEE-CS) - Milwaukee School of Engineering
Bruce McMillin (IEEE-CS) - Missouri University of Science and Technology

Alternate Representative Directors
Janos Fustos (ACM) - MSU Denver
Don Shafer (IEEE-CS) - Athens Group
Rajesh Yawantikar (IEEE-CS) - Intel

ABET Representative Delegates
Della T. Bonnette - University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Kenneth Martin - University of North Florida
Andrew T. Phillips - United States Naval Academy

Chair of the ABET Computing Area Delegation
David Kelly - InnovaSea