CSAB Expense Reimbursement Policy

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A. Policy
It is the policy of CSAB to reimburse its Executive Director, officers, Board representatives, and others authorized on official CSAB business for those expenses incurred while traveling or working on behalf of CSAB. Individuals travelling on behalf of CSAB are expected to travel as economically as possible.

B. Procedure
In rendering expense statements, the following guides should normally be observed.

  1. Travel:
    • Air travel should normally be tourist class when available. Receipts should be attached.
    • Private cars should be used only for short trips, airport travel, etc., or when car sharing makes this alternative more economical.
    • Car rental should be used only where economy results or where no other suitable alternative is available. The point of departure and destination should be included on the expense statement and a copy of the rental invoice attached.
  2. Housing:
    • Receipts for hotel accommodations should be attached to the expense form.
    • Individuals should opt for pre-arranged discount housing when available.
    • CSAB will not reimburse for extra-occupancy charges where extra occupants are not CSAB-authorized travelers.
  3. Meals:
    • Restaurant meals should be charged at cost including tips.
    • Normally, the cost of meals should be individually submitted.
    • Barring special circumstances, CSAB will not reimburse for meals provided to non-CSAB-authorized travelers.
  4. Other Expenses:
    • In the case of unusual expenses, particularly over $25.00 (IRS regulations) the data and nature of the expense should be included.
  5. In cases where business other than CSAB business is accomplished on a trip, travel, living, and other expenses should be allocated and the amount requested from CSAB indicated as “CSAB portion.” Similarly, if it is desired for personal convenience or preference to use accommodations substantially above normal CSAB practice, (e.g., suite vs. single room), receipts should be attached, but the item on the statement suitably reduced and indicated as “CSAB portion.”