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CSAB is the lead ABET member society for accreditation of degree programs in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. Learn More


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Latest News

CSAB Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in ABET Accreditation Criteria

CSAB fully supports efforts to add guidance on diversity, equity, and inclusion to all general…

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ABET Accredits First Associate Degree Programs in Cybersecurity

ABET Accredits 54 New Programs in 2021, Including First Associate Cybersecurity Programs

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Is Your School on the List?

ABET accreditation is a peer review process. This is fundamental to the system's credibility. So,…

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Help Plan Our Next Computing Accreditation Workshop

CSAB’s annual Computing Accreditation Workshop was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID. It looks like…

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Program Criteria Updates

There’s a lot of exciting news to share in CSAB’s lead discipline areas: First, A…

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IS and IT Evaluators Needed

Are you interested in learning from degree programs in your field and impacting the quality…

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