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After more than three years of work, numerous conferences, and several feedback surveys carried out by the CSAB-CAC Joint Criteria Committee, the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET has approved proposed revisions to the general ABET Criteria for Accrediting Computing Programs and to the program-specific criteria in the areas of computer science, information systems, and information technology, for which CSAB is the lead ABET member society. The CSAB Board of Directors endorsed the complete proposal just prior to the CAC meeting. The proposal will be recommended to ABET’s Computing Area Delegation (CAD) in October. If the CAD approves the criteria proposal, it will be released for a formal public review and comment period. During that period, CSAB and ABET will actively solicit feedback on the proposal from the computing community, including ACM and the IEEE-Computer Society and their education boards, CSAB program evaluators and team chairs, and ABET-accredited computing programs. You can view the proposal at Be sure you are on our mailing list to receive updates on the proposal from CSAB.

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