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CSAB members Stephanie Smullen, Donna Reese, and Andrew Phillips joined ABET IDEA Council Chair Richard Olawoyin and AiiCE Director Nicki Washington for a webinar discussion entitled “What’s DEI-A got to do with ABET?”  AiiCE is the Alliance for Identity-Inclusive Computing Education, an organization that seeks to convene national leaders in K-16 computer science (CS) education to transform high-school and postsecondary CS education using identity-inclusive strategies that target people, policies, and practices. AiiCE aims to increase the entry, retention, and course/degree completion rates of secondary and postsecondary students from groups that are historically underrepresented in computing.  If you missed the live broadcast you can view the YouTube video here, or scan the QR code to go directly to the video.  The video is just over one hour in length.

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