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Jean R.S. Blair received the Fellow of ABET Award in November 2023 for outstanding leadership and service while strengthening the higher education community’s understanding of the relevance of ABET accreditation criteria in improving professional practice across multiple computing and computing‐based disciplines.  Blair was just this year also named a CSAB Fellow, and was the CAC Chair for the 2022-23 accreditation cycle.  She is currently a professor of computer science and the EECS Distinguished Professor for Innovation at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Read the full citation of her award at


In addition, CSAB Executive Director Andrew T. Phillips receive the Fellow of ABET Award, also in November 2023, for exceptional leadership at all ABET levels, for national impact in founding cybersecurity accreditation in computing and engineering, and for harmonizing data science across multiple commissions and leadership in ABET’s DEI efforts.  Phillips just recently retired from his position as the Academic Dean & Provost at the United States Naval Academy, after having served in that role since 2009.  Read the full citation of his award at


At the awards ceremony, Jean and Andrew joined several other CSAB members who are also ABET Fellows.  In attendance were Rajendra Raj, Larry Jones, Barbara Price, and Donna Reese.


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