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The CSAB Fellow designation may be awarded annually by the CSAB Board of Directors in recognition of individuals who have given sustained, quality service to the computing profession and to computing education through the activities of CSAB.

The CSAB Fellow Committee is responsible for evaluating all nominations submitted and to recommend a maximum of five candidates to the Board of Directors. Successful nominees (and their nominators) are informed of their selection in September and receive their Fellow pins at an awards ceremony held at an appropriate venue, usually the fall meeting of the CSAB Board of Directors.

Nomination Deadline Date

May 31

Nominations Process

  1. Nominations go to the Fellows Committee
    • Anyone, including members of the Fellows Committee, may submit a nomination.
    • The nomination takes the form of a one page letter addressing the criteria published below. Additional documents may be attached as appropriate.
    • Nominations may be submitted to the Executive Director at CSAB Headquarters,, or directly to a member of the Fellows Committee.
  2. The Fellows Committee reviews the nominations and makes a recommendation for action.
    • Review of nominations begins June 1 of each year and continues until recommendations are complete.
    • Nominations received after May 31 are considered the following year.
    • The Fellows Committee makes a recommendation to the Directors of CSAB.
  3. CSAB makes final decisions on awarding Fellow status to nominees.
    • The decisions are based on the committee’s recommendations.
    • CSAB makes the determination as to the time, place, and content of the Fellow Award.


Recipients of the Fellow of CSAB award should be considered outstanding contributors to the computing profession and to computing education. To this end, any of the following criteria uniquely or in combination will be used in the selection process:

  • substantive contributions to CSAB including, but not limited to: improvement of the accreditation process; creative work at the interfaces between CSAB and its constituent societies; other accreditation agencies, universities, institutes, industry, government, and the public; or long-range leadership that positively affects computing education;
  • formal involvement in computing accreditation as a program evaluator, commission member, committee member, and/or representative director for a total of at least five years;
  • contributions to the criteria, policies, and/or procedures related to accreditation ,whether through CSAB, another accreditation entity with which CSAB has a formal relationship, or through participating society activity;
  • exemplary service to CSAB in a manner not described above.

Truly outstanding contributions in one of the areas listed may offset less significant contributions in others. Except in unusual circumstances, recognition is limited to currently active individuals, or not later than three years after an individual’s most recent formal CSAB involvement.

Resubmission of Nomination

The CSAB Fellow Committee will reconsider the case of an unsuccessful candidate the year immediately following first submission, provided the nominator submits a letter to CSAB Headquarters requesting reconsideration and updating the nomination with new information. The new information should be no longer than one letter-size page. The nominator may choose the alternate option of submitting a completely new nomination with references.

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