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Three new Fellow of CSAB Awards were presented at the annual Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET meeting last month.  The awards went to Donna Reese, Jean Blair, and Elizabeth Glazer.

Donna Reese … CSAB Fellow: For her leadership as a former CSAB President, CSAB Training Committee Co-Chair, and a former CAC Chair.




Jean Blair … CSAB Fellow: For her contributions to the Cybersecurity program criteria development, and for leadership as 2022-23 CAC Chair.




Elizabeth Glazer … CSAB Fellow: For her leadership as Executive Director of CSAB for as long as anyone can remember!  And for so much more ….



In addition to the three CSAB Fellow awards, David Hunter was awarded an Outstanding Contribution Award, and Bruce McMillan was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.

David Hunter … Outstanding Contribution: For outstanding representation of CSAB and ASA in the development of the Data Science program criteria, and serving as CSAB delegate to ANSAD.



Bruce McMillan … Certificate of Appreciation: For patience and perseverance in leading the C6 Faculty criteria revisions, and for six years of service as a Representative Director on the CSAB Board.

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