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CSAB’s Kenneth Martin to Be Named ABET Fellow

CSAB-appointed ABET Delegate Kenneth Martin will receive the Fellow of ABET Award for sustained contributions to ABET in PEV training, governance restructuring, criteria revision, service on the Computing Area Delegation, and leading the integration of computing disciplines into ABET. Martin,…

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Mary Jane Willshire-Fairley Named CSAB Fellow

On July 19, 2019, Mary Jane Willshire-Fairley was presented the Fellow of CSAB Award during the annual meeting of the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. Willshire-Fairley is currently CSAB Secretary-Treasurer and an appointed Board Representative of the IEEE Computer Society.…

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Cybersecurity Accreditation Criteria Approved

ABET's first program-specific accreditation criteria for undergraduate cybersecurity computing programs was approved by the Computing Area Delegation on November 2. This culminates more than four years of extensive work by experts from government, industry, and academia, including those who led…

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Allen Parrish Elected CSAB President

Allen Parrish, Associate Vice President for Research at Mississippi State University, has been elected 2018-19 CSAB President. Parrish, an IEEE Computer Society representative, is a past Chair of the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, an ABET Fellow, and a CSAB…

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Happy 50th Anniversary, SIGCSE!

ACM SIGCSE is celebrating its 50th birthday. SIGCSE was instrumental in leading the formation of CSAB and establishing accreditation in the computing disciplines. Many of our volunteers were there from the beginning. Congratulations, and cheers to 50 more years of…

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Computing Education Leaders Awarded Top ABET Honors

Lawrence G. Jones, past CSAB Vice President and Chair of the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, was presented with the Linton E. Grinter Distinguished Service Award at the ABET annual awards gala on November 2. Learn more about Jones and…

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